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The stories of a few of our Clients

We want you to know more about the people we serve, and the challenges they are overcoming in their lives. Our clients are young and old, and they come from a wide range of backgrounds. The one thing they all have in commmon is that they all have certain obstacles ahead of them, and they are trying to overcome them.

Julie's story

Click here to read about Julie, an Athens County parent who is battling health problems and financial problems. Julie and her husband have a difficult time paying the bills each month, and they are currently living with Julie's cousin in order to save money. Many families in southeast Ohio are doubling up and sometimes tripling up in homes in order to save money, as more and more people can't afford to live on their own. Julie is doing her best to care for her daughter and pay the bills each month, and she is hoping that things will improve for her family in the future.

Susan's story

Click here to read about Susan, an Athens County parent who recently lost her job and her home. She has taken part in different educational and job training programs, she works hard and she does her best to support her family. She is struggling with different medical and economic problems now, though, and life is very difficult. She wants to be independent again, but she needs public assistance to help her rebuild her life.

Comments from several of our clients

Click hereto read a few comments from Athens County residents, discussing the challenges they are currently facing in their lives.

Dale's story

Click here to read about Dale, an Athens County resident who is rebuilding his life after spending several years behind bars. It can be very difficult for ex-offenders to transition back into society, as they often have to deal with large amounts of fines and court costs, many are not eligible to work in certain fields, they often do not have their driver's licenses and many face numerous other challenges . Dale faces several challenges that make life difficult, but he is happy. He is also thankful for all of the support he is receiving from his family, and he is doing his best to life a normal life.

Nickie and Jerrod's story

Click here to read about Nickie and Jerrod, an Athens County couple with one son. State budget cuts cost Jerrod his job, so now Nickie and Jerrod are both going to college so that they can find secure jobs that they enjoy. They go to school and work, and they also receive some assistance to help them get by. They know that they won't need the help for long, though, and that soon they will be starting new careers.

Erica's story

Click here to read about Erica, an Athens County resident who recently earned her GED and is now planning for college and for a career. She is a single mother who has a great attitude and is working hard to build a better life for her daughter.

Wendy's story

Click here  to read about Wendy, a married mother of four who lost her job when she had complications with her pregnancy and was unable to work for an extended period of time. She is now going to college to earn a degree in accounting, and is doing everything she can to help build a better life for her family.

Raising their grandchildren and one great-grandchild

Click here  to read about Reta and Jerald, two senior citizens who are spending their golden years raising their grandchildren and one great-grandchild. They love having the children with them and doing whatever they can to help them, but Reta and Jerald both suffer from serious health problems that make it very diffuclt to provide for the children as they would like.

Margaret's fight for health insurance for her family

Click here to read about Margaret and her family. Because the family does not have health insurance, Margaret and her husband don't go to health care facilities as often as they should and their daughter, who has Down Syndrome, has not been able to receive the therapy programs that have been recommended for her. Margaret is speaking out in Ohio and across the country to encourage government leaders to make it easier for uninsured families to receive insurance and the health care they need.

Jill's story

Click here  to read about Jill, a single mother suffering from fibromyalgia, which causes widespread pain in the muscles and soft tissues throughout the body. Because of the pain, Jill is unable to work and needs help from her neighbors with tasks around the house. With the public assistance she receives, she lives on about $4,000 per year. She describes her situation as living "disconnect notice to disconnect notice," but she keeps doing what she can to care for her children and deal with her pain and her lack of any financial stability.

TJ's story

Click here to read about TJ's amazing story. The Athens County resident has overcome a very rare and dangerous medical condition and achieved a great deal. He receives a lot of support from his family and friends, but he also brightens the days of everyone he is around. His family receives Medicaid and is thankful for the assistance, but his mother points out several areas that could be improved to help clients.

Catherine's story

Click here to read about Catherine, a single mother who is unable to work because of back problems. She lives on a very limited income and is unable to pay all of her bills each month. She also has not been able to receive the medical care she needs for her back, and she is in a lot of pain. She does whatever she can for her children, though, and is trying to improve her life.

Lyda's story

Click here to read about Lyda, a grandparent raising her grandson. The number of grandparents raising their grandchildren is increasing, and Lyda discusses the problems these grandparents face.
Click here to watch a video of Lyda's story

Ashley's story

Click here to read about Ashley an 18-year-old single mother who is earning her GED and planning for college in the fall.

Click here to watch a video of Ashley's story

Lisa's story

Click here to read about Lisa, a single mother doing everything she can to support her children and get off of public assistance. Raising three children has been tough on her in numerous ways, and she has already overcome many obstacles and challenges.

Charlee's Story

Click here to read about Charlee, a single mother struggling to get by. Charleee was working two jobs, paying all of her bills and making a life for herself and her son, but after she was severely injured in a car accident and was unable to work for several months, most of her finances were wiped out and many of the things she had struggled so hard for were taken away from her.

Leslie's story

Click here to read about Leslie a single mother who has earned her college degree and is working, raising her daughter and trying to make a difference in the community.  Click here to watch a video of Leslie's story