Comments From Clients

For years, Athens County Job and Family Services has invited our clients to tell us about some of the challenges and struggles they face. Here are several comments from our clients, explaining in their own words some of the poverty-related issues they deal with everyday.

  • “No income and no job.   No medical card to see my family doctor.  I am homeless living back and forth with friends, family or parents.  I have no way to buy food and no vehicle.”

  • “I just lost my job and I have four children. I also don’t have a vehicle at this time. I’m struggling very badly right now to make ends meet.”

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    “I need help with housing. I’ve been getting help, but its’ barely enough with the cost of living in America today. For the things we are required to do for a $355 check and food stamps, our time is worth less than minimum wage for the hours we have to commit to.  I know it’s a drain on the American taxpayer, but if the rich insist on exporting our jobs to make a buck, then this condition in our country will continue and grow. Thank God for the little help we receive now.”

  • “I have been ill and unable to work. I am not able to provide my daughter with the things I wish she could have. I do not have money to put gas in the car that I borrow.  Always trying to catch up is depressing and causes more medical problems. I feel like I am letting my daughter down. If anyone thinks this type of life is fun or that we’re lazy, you have no idea."

  • “My husband previously got laid off of work and is seeking full-time employment still, and I have been unable to work due to my Multiple Sclerosis, which gives me occasional blackouts and weak muscles. We have two small children who need childcare and my daughter goes to preschool Monday through Friday. Due to current expenses and gas prices, we had to sell our vehicle and now transportation for the four of us has become stressful. My MS caused me to lose the vision in my right eye and I have a lost a lot of muscle control in my back, legs and arms. Hospital visits are complicated due to my doctor being in Columbus and arranging daycare for my little ones. Good help is hard to find, and the more support and people that help each other makes life a blessing.”

  • “I am a single mother with bipolar disorder caring for a two-year-old son on an income of $355 from OWF (Ohio Works First cash assistance) and $304 in food assistance. I struggle day by day to keep up with doctor’s appointments and to provide my son and me with food. Raising my benefits would greatly benefit our well-being at this time."

  • “Not enough money to pay rent or a deposit on a house, trailer or an apartment.  I don’t even have enough food stamps to buy enough food to feed my kids all month.  I cannot keep my vehicle maintained to get my children back and forth to their appointments.  Also, I am not able to buy clothing for my children.”