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Agency Reports:

ACJFS Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) Plan 
The goal is to provide an assistance program to families while encouraging self-sufficiency and preventing dependency.  The program is designed to operate with as much flexibility as possible for the eligibility worker and the family needing assistance. 

Dec. 2016

2016 Annual Report ACJFS

Review the 2016 Annual Report here. 

Dec. 2015

2015 Annual Report ACJFS

Review the 2015 Annual Report here. 

Dec. 2014

2014 Agency Annual Report

This year has been a mix of positive changes and those that are less desirable for Ohio’s safety net. Read all about them in the agency's 2014 Annual Report.

Aug. 26, 2014

Comments on Ohio's 2014 TANF plan

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has submitted its 2015 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) plan to the federal government. The plan is in its public comment period until late August. The Athens County Department of Job and Family Services submitted comments to ODJFS relative to that plan.

May 2014

Testimony: Poor are ignored; legislators urged to assure basic needs are met

The state’s safety net programs have not been meeting poor Ohioans’ basic needs due to drastic changes in state and federal policies, explained Jack Frech, director of Athens County Job and Family Services. Repressive work policies and benefit reductions have resulted in a loss of more than $570 million a year from the poorest families and the poorest communities in the state, he wrote in testimony he presented Wednesday. Read his full testimony.

Dec. 2013

Athens County Job and Family Services Annual Report

Click here to read our 2013 Annual Report

July 15, 2013

New program helps Ohio residents who are trying to regain their driver's licenses

A new Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles program is making it easier for eligible Ohio residents to get their driver's licenses reinstated. Click here to read an information sheet about the program and Click here for additional information.

May, 2013

Athens County ABLE graduates overcome obstacles

Our Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) program held its annual graduation ceremony on Friday, May 31 and honored all of its graduates from the last year. The ceremony featured two outstanding speeches by graduates and was a great way to celebrate all that the students have accomplished.

April, 2013

The cost of operating a vehicle is very high in Ohio and around the country, and many people cannot afford all of the expenses.

This inability to pay all of the costs of transportation is very common and causes numerous problems for low-income Ohio residents. A new report from Athens County Job and Family Services and the Hocking Athens Perry Community Action Program (HAPCAP) examines the problems caused by the high costs of operating a vehicle and by the lack of transportation. The report also provides some recommendations for helping area residents who are impacted by a lack of transportation. Click here to view the 2013 Transportation Report.

Nov. 30, 2012
More than 6.5 million Americans who receive Food Stamps have no cash income 
A new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows that there were 6.5 million Americans who received Food Stamps but had no cash income in 2011. This is a significant increase from 2010, when 5.8 million Americans were receiving Food Stamps but had no cash income. Click here to read more.

New report examines how federal tax dollars are spent locally: Athens County Job and Family Services has put together a report examining how our federal tax dollars are spent in  all of the counties in Ohio’s newly configured Sixth and 15th Congressional Districts. The report looks at items such as the following:

  • How many people receive food, cash and medical assistance in each county in the district,
  • How many people receive some form of government healthcare,
  • How much the average resident in each county pays in federal taxes, compared to how much each person receives in federal funds spent in each county,
  • How many people work for the government in some capacity. Click Here to read the report.

April, 2012
Don’t lose your driver’s license over confusion over car insurance regulationsThousands of Ohio residents have their driver’s licenses suspended each year because they have vehicles that do not have the proper insurance. In many cases, these residents are confused about insurance requirements for vehicles, even for those vehicles that are not driven regularly. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Athens County Job and Family Services have created a new flier to help inform state residents about the need for proper insurance. Click here to read the flier.

Jan. 2012

Did welfare reform work?

In recent campaign speeches and debates, presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have both claimed credit for welfare reform and promised additional reforms if elected. And over the last 15 years, Democrats and Republicans alike have all proclaimed welfare reform to be a bipartisan success. But what really happened with welfare reform and what exactly are these political leaders basing their claims on? A new report from Athens County Job and Family Services examines the true impact of welfare reform and how it has affected families in need.
Click here to read the report.
Click here to read the news release about the report.

2011-2012 Annual Report
Our annual report provides information on all of our programs and services, as well as information on Athens County and comments from a few of our clients.
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Food Assistance benefits to decrease in January for many Ohio residents
Beginning January 1, 2013, many local families and individuals who receive Food Assistance (formerly known as Food Stamps) will see a $23 decrease in benefits.  This reduction is due to a change in the state’s Standard Utility Allowance, which is used in the federal government’s formula for determining the benefits that a household can receive in Food Assistance.
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Aug. 20, 2012
Welfare work requirements in Ohio
While national political leaders debate the issue of if America’s welfare program has tough enough work requirements, the state of Ohio has thrown more than 75,000 people off of welfare since January of 2011 primarily due to the work requirements.
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Aug. 2011
How federal cuts to social services impact Athens County and southeast Ohio 
Federal cuts to social services would hurt Athens County, southeast Ohio If the new federal budget calls for significant cuts to social service programs, Athens County and most of the counties in Ohio’s Sixth and 18th Congressional districts stand to be hurt much more by the cuts than other counties in Ohio. Athens County Job and Family Services has put together a report examining the impact that federal funding has in Ohio's Sixth and 18th Congressional districts. The report clearly shows the strong benefits of government programs in the two districts and the need to support funding for these programs. To read the report, click here. To see an excel file with data on the two districts and the state. To see a PDF of the data files for the Sixth District, click here. To see a PDF of the data files for the 18th district click here. To see a PDF of the data files for Ohio, click here. To see a file that looks at federal government spending in each county in each district, click here.

Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer in Ohio
The 2005 income tax cuts severely impacted Ohio's budget and provided very little benefit to most Ohioans. The tax cuts have resulted in job losses, eliminations and reductions of programs and services, and major problems for many Ohio counties, particularly the Appalachian counties. For more information on how the tax cuts have hurt Ohio, including figures for all of the Ohio House and Senate districts that include the Appalachian counties, click here. For contact information for how to contact Athens County's state senator and state representative, click here. For information on how to contact all of the state senatorsclick here. For information on how to contact all of the state representatives in Ohio, click here.

March 4, 2011
Tax cuts and Ohio's budget deficit
While Ohio leaders debate where to cut funding in order to balance the state budget, it is important to remember that a large part of the budget deficit was caused by the state’s income tax reductions. These tax cuts overwhelmingly benefited the wealthiest Ohioans more than any other group of state residents. Athens County Job and Family Services recently looked at how each county in Ohio is affected by tax cuts, social services, government jobs and other factors. Click hereto read the press release about the report. Click here to view the research on each county in Ohio. Click here to view a PDF file of the same research. Click here to view federal income tax information for each county. Click here to view a PDF of the same federal tax information for each county.

Jan. 25, 2011
An in-depth look at the impact of welfare reform in America
In a country where nearly 7 million children are living in extreme poverty, how can anyone claim that welfare reform has been a success? Athens County Job and Family Services recently completed a report examining the impact that welfare reform has had in America. The report looks at the stated goals of welfare reform and shows how the reforms have affected people living in poverty. The report also includes commentaries from conservative and liberal leaders, poverty statistics, media reports on welfare reform and information on out-of-wedlock births. To read the news release about the report, click here. To go right to the report, click here.

Oct. 2009
TANF: Failing America’s Poorest Children (PDF document)
There are currently 5.5 million U.S. children living in extreme poverty (less than 50 percent of the federal poverty level). These children live in desperate conditions of homelessness, unsafe housing, hunger and isolation. Their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and transportation are not being met. Many families turn to the welfare system for help. The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program has evolved from a safety net designed to help children and their families to one which insures their deprivation. States have the flexibility to design the program to meet the needs of their unique situations, yet are setting policies and issuing benefits that they know will not meet the needs of these families. Meeting basic needs for our most needy citizens should be the first priority for TANF funds, not the last.   This report takes an in-depth look at TANF and our neediest families.

July 2008
Ohio’s Poorest Children:  Extremely Poor and Living with Their Grandparents
With the implementation of Welfare Reform, cash assistance caseloads have dropped dramatically as thousands of welfare recipients took jobs. While many of those former recipients remain in poverty, they have successfully left the welfare rolls and have improved financially as a result. But what about those who remain? 

The most dramatic change has been the increase in “child only” cases. These are situations in which children are not living with their parents but rather with relative caretakers, usually grandparents. This is now the most common family situation for children receiving cash benefits.

Ohio must increase the cash assistance benefits to an adequate level. These 130,000 children live in families who comply with all of the strict rules of Welfare Reform, yet the benefits they receive are too low to meet basic human needs.

Aug. 2007
Social Security Disability Denials (PDF document)
Many people have lost their homes and some their lives while waiting to receive Social Security Disability benefits.  These people put their faith into a system that was supposed to help.  The system has failed them and could fail thousands more if immediate, effective changes are not made.  Athens County JFS takes a look at this issue. 

Nov. 2006
An In-depth look at the issues of poverty (PDF document)
This report is intended to create a picture of the variety of issues and challenges facing low-income citizens of our county.  While not exhaustive, it includes the major issues individuals and our community as a whole face regarding poverty.

Athens County Reentry Task Force reports:

Task Force opposes plan to privatize prisons
The Athens County Reentry Task Force is asking state legislators to oppose the proposal to privatize five state prisons. While most of the discussion about this proposal has focused on the financial implications, the Reentry Task Force is most concerned about the ethical issues the privatization plan raises. For example, if a for-profit prison's main goal is to make money, how will this affect how many people are sent to prison, how long the prisoners are kept there, and how the services are provided to rehabilitate the prison inmates? The Athens County Reentry Task Force has looked at these and other issues in a position paper that can be read by clicking here. 

Dec. 2010
Recommendations from the Athens County Reentry Task Force
To read a report detailing some of the recommendations from the Athens County Reentry Task Force, click here.

Report on the task force's activities during its first full year of operations
To read a report on the activities of the Athens County Reentry Task Force during its first year, click here.

2010-2011 Annual Report
Our annual report shows how the need for assistance in Athens County increased again this year. The report also provides information on all of our programs and services.