Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program

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How to apply

Please read the Application Instructions FIRST.

You must fill out the 2021 Application, which is available for download. Applications will be received by mail only.
The Area Agency on Aging 8 will process applications on a first-come first-serve basis.

This process has been put into place to make the application distribution/receipt process as fair and equitable as possible to seniors living across the counties and in out-lying areas.

You are eligible for the Ohio Senior Farmers’ Market program if you are age 60 or older, reside in a produce250service area that participates in the program (Athens does) and have a household income that falls within one of these guidelines:

  • $22,459 or less – household of 1 person
  • $30,451 or less – household of 2 people
  • $38,443 or less – household of 3 people
  • $46,435 or less – household of 4 people
  • $54,427 or less – household of 5 person
  • $62,419 or less – household of 6 people

For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Aging or the Area Agency on Aging 8, which serves Athens County.

About the program

Participants receive ten $5 coupons. If you are homebound, you may select someone trustworthy to pick up and redeem coupons for you. Coupons can be redeemed for fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs and honey. You can use your coupons at participating farmers’ markets and roadside stands. Look for the senior farmers’ market poster when shopping.

Ohio's Department of Aging partners with area agencies on aging to offer the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program in 45 counties. The program operates each year.