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The OhioMeansJobs - Athens County center can assist with career development skills and prepare you for your next employment opportunity.  Job Seekers can get assistance with resume and interview preparation, explore job opportunities and participate in classes and/or training sessions and much more.  All services are free of charge.  

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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) is committed to helping you find your next, better job.  This guide will help you be more successful in your job search.  It will help you learn how to think outside the box, make a good first impression, find jobs that might not be advertised online, write a resume, fill out a job application and put your best foot forward during an interview.  
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Job Search Assistance:

CCMEP/Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) OSY
Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program (CCMEP) 

Helping the emerging workforce prepare for and find meaningful employment is key to Ohio’s economic success, and to breaking the cycle of poverty for thousands of Ohioans. 

To address the challenge, the State of Ohio has created a framework for serving low-income Ohioans ages 14-24, through the integrated intervention program that combines the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program and the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Program.  It is designed to assist one of Ohio’s most vulnerable populations, the way to work is titled the Comprehensive Case Management & Employment Program (CCMEP). 

CCMEP provides employment and training services to eligible, low-income individuals based on a comprehensive assessment of employment and training needs, as well as a basic skills assessment.  

Participants are provided services to support goals outlined in their individual opportunity plan (IOP), which may include support to obtain a high school diploma, job placement, work experience, and other supportive services such as child care and transportation. 

Eligibility for WIOA OSY: 

Eligibility for WIOA OSY must follow the policies developed by the Area 14 Workforce Development Board found at

Individual’s served by TANF and WIOA Youth programs will be served through CCMEP as a single population under a consolidated system of delivery.  The following individuals ages 14-24 are required to participate in CCMEP:

  • Low-income in-school youth and out-of-school youth considered to have a barrier to employment and registered for a WIOA program.

  • Participants in the Ohio Works First (OWF) program who are work eligible.

An individual referred to CCMEP and served under WIOA must also meet all other eligibility factors of WIOA OSY. 

Limits per participant per year: 

Athens County has established an overall maximum cap of $10,000 per participant per year for participants in CCMEP/WIOA programs, inclusive of all training, incentives, stipend and supportive services.  Any number of individual payments can be made during this period.  

The year begins on the date of eligibility. If the $10,000 is exhausted before the first year, no other funds may be authorized until the enrollment year has been completed.  An additional $10,000 will be available at the beginning of the next program year.

Program Elements for WIOA Program

  • Tutoring

  • Alternative Secondary School Services and Drop Out Recovery

  • Labor Market & Employment Information for In-Demand Industries

  • Integrated Education & Training for a Specific Occupation or Career Pathway

  • Occupational Skills Training

  • Paid & Unpaid Work Experience

  • Financial Literacy Education

  • Connections to Adult Mentoring

  • Leadership Development Opportunities

  • Post-Secondary Education and Training Assistance

  • Entrepreneurial Skills Training

  • Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling Referrals

  • Supportive Services

  • Follow-up Services 

Work Experience must include academic and occupational education component. The types of work experience include the following categories:

  • Summer employment opportunities and other employment opportunities available throughout the year;

  • Pre-apprenticeship programs;

  • Internships & job shadowing; and

  • On-the-Job Training (OJT) opportunities.

candidate-01   Adult & Dislocated Worker Services

Adult & Dislocated Worker programs in the Area 14 Workforce Development system are designed to provide employment and training opportunities to those who can benefit from, and who are in need of such opportunities.  Meeting the eligibility criteria for a WIOA funded program does not entitle an adult or dislocated worker to receive certain employment and training services.  Program operator decisions on whether to provide specific services must be based on additional state and local policy considerations, including, but not necessarily limited to, the appropriateness for services.


Individuals wishing to receive employment and training services funded through the adult and dislocated worker programs (WIOA) must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Be legally authorized to work in the United States;

  • Be 18 years of age or older;

  • Be properly registered for selective service

There are no additional eligibility criteria for the adult program. However, priority for career and training services funded by and provided through the adult program shall be given to recipients of public assistance, other low-income individuals, and individuals who are basic skills deficient for receipt of those career services determined appropriate to obtain or retain employment.

Individuals can access the following services at the OhioMeansJobs - Athens County:

  • Resume preparation;

  • Job search and placement assistance;

  • Employment statistics information from OhioMeansJobs;

  • Initial assessment;

  • Information on various community programs and services.                                   

Available options under training services are determined by demand occupations:

A case manager at the OhioMeansJobs - Athens County will assist with this determination, based on an individual’s needs.  These criteria must be established in order to receive training services through the OhioMeansJobs delivery system.

Meeting eligibility requirements, being unable to obtain or retain employment.  After an interview with the WIOA case manager and evaluation or assessment the case manager and participant will begin looking into training opportunities.

Once eligibility is determined and if appropriateness for services is determined an Individual Training Account (ITA’s) is started.  A maximum of $10,000 per year; maximum of $20,000 total per training program has been established by the Area 14 Workforce Development Board.   (this cap is inclusive of all employment, educational, training and supportive services utilizing WIOA funding).

The utilization of WIOA funding for training services should be “Last Source”, meaning all other resources or sources of funding have been explored and attempted before the approval of WIOA funding.

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