Information for Parents Paying Child Support

Infomation for parents who are obligated to pay child support:

  • Support orders are effective the day the order is file stamped, unless otherwise noted in the court order.
  • Please maintain records of your child support payments and keep a file with all of your child support documents.
  • CSEA does not enforce visitation orders. 
  • Failure to make your child support payments in a timely manner will cause you to fall behind on your child support order.
  • CSEA may initiate any of the following actions to collect any and all arrearages on your case:
    • Additional wage withholding to satisfy any arrearages.
    • Interception of federal and state income tax refunds.
    • Referral to consumer reporting agencies.
    • Revoke your driver's or professional license.
    • Put a lien on your house or personal property.
    • Freeze and/or seize your bank account.
    • File a contempt action with the court.

All support payments must be made through Ohio's Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC). Your payments must include a 2% processing charge.